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Hi!  I'm James, an engineer-minded creative from Los Angeles. I have 10+ years of experience in professional audio and a comprehensive understanding of design and implementation tools for immersive and interactive audio in Games, XR, and 360 films. I'm  well acquainted with Unity and Unreal, and have created apps with C#, C++, and Blueprints for a variety of mediums (VR headsets / PC / mobile).



I enjoy collaborating closely with storytellers, game developers, and artists to create compelling experiences with immersive audio and powerful narratives. My work is influenced by  travels to 62 countries, and an ethos close to my core to explore the diversity that we all offer. Recently, my sound design was featured in Upstander, a 360 film premiered at Tribeca Immersive and  Cannes XR via the Museum of Other Realities (MOR).

I graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS in Music Industry, with a Music Technology emphasis.  While at USC,  I interned at Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records and provided assistance at The Lair, a major recording studio in LA.  I also produced and recorded with songwriters, singers, rappers, and musicians (+3M Streams).  My personal project was crafting a hybrid of classical and electronic music called  "Cinelectric," under my alias "Vio la Qestra." 

Now, I'm searching for additional ways to create and innovate. Feel free to learn more detail about my past ventures and projects here, or watch some audio demos and show reels here. Let's create something great together! 

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Fav Games



Sound: Botanicula                     Amanita Design

Visual: Abzû                              Giant Squid

FPS: Borderlands 2                 Gearbox Software

RTS: Starcraft 2                                       Blizzard

MMO: Final Fantasy XIV                Square Enix

Horror: The Last of Us                  Naughty Dog

Platform: Crash Bandicoot         Naughty Dog

VR: Half-Life: Alyx                                       Valve 

Mobile: Tiny Wings                   Andreas Illiger

Puzzle: Braid                               Jonathan Blow




Engines/Code: Unity (C#), Unreal (Blueprints, C++

Middleware: Wwise, Fmod

DAWs: Ableton, Logic,  Reaper, Pro Tools

VSTs: Serum, Massive, Absynth etc. / Waves,                               Fabfilter, Spatializers (DearVR, Oculus, FB360)

Mixing: Stereo, Ambisonic

Recording:  Recording Consoles, Mics, Field Recording

Instruments: Piano, Drums

Language: Basic Mandarin

Other: Premier Pro, Final Cut, Photoshop



General Contact:

Audio Services:

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